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  • Ema



    My brain only really processed lesbians, and Ema’s skills as a pyromaniac.

  • Jojo Rabbit

    Jojo Rabbit


    This is a ghost story, in more ways than one, and even makes it more chilling than your average ghost film. Since similiar events to this film have happened. To gives feel to this film, it’s almost like Roald Dahl (The Witches, Matilda, Charlie and The Choclate Factory, amongst others I felt more strongly with, in comparison to it’s obvious recent connection, Moonrise Kingdom), directed by Fellini (in particular Amarcord). I enjoyed most of this film, and I didn’t think…

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  • Hustlers



    I’m so glad I avoided The Lighthouse and Endless Night to see this.  Let’s see this take all the Oscar glory from the absolute snooze fest Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. My bitches Cardi B and J.Lo bring it home, and brought down the house tonight. Gotta put my shirt back on since this one really blew up the thermometer.

  • Joker



    The world currently isn’t, and will never be ready for this film. A near perfect screening. This film is phenomenal. The balls WB have for allowing this film be made will never be underestimated. Believe the hype. I’d swear this was a 70mm print (the only one in the world right now), it’s a beautiful film, and I would put this as one of the top three films shown at the festival. Waves might be better than this. The thing…