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  • Parking


    a train-wreck of such bizarreness, it almost circles back round to incredible

  • Europa Europa

    Europa Europa

    foreskin frenzy

  • North of Vortex

    North of Vortex

    His passion for women was great but he would make do when things were tight. The Poet liked that pragmatic approach.
    The Poet was slow in unraveling Jackie's amorous interest. For him, that was another world that he had long ago rejected in the name of 'liberation'.

    A film of slow seduction, languishing in the hot chasm between hetero- and homosexuality.

  • The Strange One

    The Strange One

    ♪ the hypocrites are taking over everything ♪

  • Splatter Farm

    Splatter Farm

    OK, if you're planning on watching this you HAVE to get hold of the VHS version. I'd watched the cut version twice and loved it, but the uncut VHS is all the more gruesome, all the more gay panic, all the more incest nightmare. Potentially my most worthwhile film purchase.

  • The Opposite of Sex

    The Opposite of Sex

    We stan a homophobic queen!

  • Wildwood, NJ

    Wildwood, NJ

    “Italian food? Forget about it. Delicious. Homemade sauce? Forget it.”

  • Permanent Green Light

    Permanent Green Light


  • Maurice


    I, too, am in love with Alec Scudder.

  • Imitation of Life
  • Daughters of Darkness

    Daughters of Darkness

    You can tell that Delphine Seyrig is having the time of her life playing this role and I'm here for it.

  • Hereditary


    Joan encapsulates all the reasons why I’m wary of strangers who are kind to me.