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  • The Happytime Murders

    The Happytime Murders


    There should be a zero stars option. The Happytime Murders is easily the worst movie of the year, definitely worst of the summer, possiblythe decade. Directed by Brian Henson (son of the late great Muppets and Sesame Street creator Jim Henson) and starring a painfully unfunny Melissa McCarthy, this cinematic equivalent of toxic waste centers on an L.A. populated by puppets and its absolutley rancid. It's not that seeing puppets be smutty and depraved is a bad idea (Peter Jackson…

  • Blue Iguana

    Blue Iguana


    Sam Rockwell is always worth watching, no matter what, but the tepid noir Blue Iguana makes the new Oscar winner work overtime to transcend this movie's facepalming stupidity and asinine cliches. Blue Iguana very much wants to be an artful crime thriller in the vein of a film like Jonathan Demme's Something Wild for example. Nnot happening. Hai Hajaig, who wrote, directed, produced and even edited this mess, hasn't got the skills yet to pull off such a film.


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  • Coco



    With its macabre vibe and cast fill of skeletons, Coco may be the strangest thing Pixar has ever given us, and I couldn't have loved it more. Their latest is a a major push into new territory, exploring themes of betrayal and murder, but still a family movie, and Pixar pulls it all off in high style.

    Lee Unkrich, his co-director Adrian Molina and their team of screenwrwiters have crafted Coco as a beautiful salute to Mexican culture. The voice…

  • Darkest Hour

    Darkest Hour


    Gary Oldman is one our great actors working today, and he proves it again as Winston Chruchill in Darkest Hour, director Joe Wright's amazing take on the celebrated Prim Minister's first month in office in May, 1940, as France and Belgium are about to surrender to Hitler and Great Britain may be next.

    Oldman has played real life figures before, from Sid Vicious (Sid and Nancy) to Lee Harvey Oswald (JFK), but his Churchill is different. First, the slender actor…