The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★★

Epic Debauchery. An exercise in the excessively excessive, by way of Scorsese.
The story of a man that knows no limits, and puts all of his addictions (whether it be to hookers, money or blow) on display to prove it to you. The message is clear, and one we've seen before. Whether it be Scarface or even numerous films from this same year, tons of movies take a stab at exploring the fascination and obsession people have with getting to the top, what they do when they get there, and the various ways in how they choose to make their crumbling fall. The Wolf Of Wall Street gives us DiCaprio's Jordan Belfort. His story, from his point of view. A story that unbelievably he has somehow survived to tell. Between the Terrence Winter script and Scorsese's direction no one here is backing down from the "raunch-factor". And yes, it is quite pleasing to get a rated R movie that absolutely earns it's R rating. There's also numerous noteworthy performances aside from Leo. A nearly unrecognizable Jonah Hill and another certain someone shows up that gets my vote for cameo of the year.
And I don't know that DiCaprio has never been better, but i'm confident he's never had more fun.
This movie isn't gonna change anyone's life with it's messages. It's simply an entertainment piece by a master director that knows how to infuse energy into his scripts like only he can. I go to movies to escape. Seeing this movie will be the closest I ever get to being an awful person and doing massive amounts of drugs.

It feels like Goodfellas, on "ludes".

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