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  • Marriage Story

    Marriage Story


    noah baumbach has made a movie based on his parents divorce now it’s a movie based on his own divorce. it’s like poetry it rhymes. i think  noah being with greta gerwig has been the best move career-wise as her influence has matured him as a filmmaker over the years. there’s a refined elegance that’s evident here that wasn’t there in his early pre-greta gerwig era movies. i’m not saying cheating snapped but maybe they did a good thing here. …

  • Autobiographical Scene Number 6882

    Autobiographical Scene Number 6882


    ruben östlund is the michael haneke of generation x. short but brilliant insight to the precarious state of masculinity, one of the themes that reoccurs in his filmography.

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  • Doctor Sleep

    Doctor Sleep


    mike flanagan said i respect everyone who has made a bad stephen king adaptation but i’m different. 

    flanagan walking the tightrope between the long shadow cast by kubrick’s film and king’s own serviceable book and while it’s a commendable effort he really didn’t have to as the time spent on danny as adult man finding peace after falling deep into the bottle  and having to confront the weigh of the ramifications keeping the memories of the overlook hotel locked when…

  • HAIM / Valentine

    HAIM / Valentine


    don't mind me i'm just back for those guitar riffs in 'nothing's wrong.'

    p.s. all those music videos directed by PTA not here on letterboxd. criminal.