Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★★

Grade: 80%
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I was extremely excited for Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead, especially after years of him focusing solely on his DC projects, it was fun to see him return to the zombie genre and provide a fun action film again. This is by no means a masterpiece of a film, it’s high rating is based solely on the enjoyment I had while watching because it certainly has its fair share of flaws. I think it’s way too long, it also has some plot inconsistencies if you really think about it but it’s also an incredibly fun zombie movie with unique ideas and new elements incorporated into a fairly tired genre. The idea of combining the zombie genre with the heist genre is Las Vegas is pretty genius and Zack Snyder incorporates his style to make everything work, at least in a popcorn blockbuster kind of way. Dave Bautista really shines in a lead role, the entire ensemble is great especially as most were unknown to me prior to this, but Bautista especially was a ton of fun to watch. I know many won’t and haven’t enjoyed this as much as me, or at all, but for what it was it worked completely for me. I turned my brain off for two and a half hours and enjoyed what Army of the Dead provided. It has issues but I really dug it for the most part, it’s flaws do not outweigh its entertainment for me.

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