Fighting with My Family

Fighting with My Family ★★★★

Grade: 84%
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I felt like a feel-good movie tonight so I decided it was time to revisit Fighting with My Family which was one of the biggest surprises of last year for me and I feel the same way about it now after another viewing. It’s honestly just a really solid sports movie with a good story, a tight familial bond and some good comedic elements as well. I’m not a wrestling fan, but I loved watching Florence Pugh as Paige both inside and outside the ring, it made me more interested in the sport in general. Pugh is a true phenom and it’s fun watching back now after the insane year she had, and realizing when I first saw this I had almost no clue who she was. She elevates the movie, which is good regardless, the actors are all putting in good work and the Dwayne Johnson cameo is fun as well. It’s not my favourite film of 2019, it’s not even near my top ten but I will fondly remember it as a solid movie that accomplishes everything I wanted it to and I would be surprised if I didn’t watch this again at some point in the future. It’s a really good movie and one of the better in its genre in a while, if you missed it last year, definitely give it a shot.

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