Possessor ★★★★

Grade: 77%
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I’ve skipped over this film for months now because I never felt like I was in the right mindset to watch it but I decided today was a good time to watch Possessor and I definitely understand why it’s been getting so much praise. This is an extremely original feeling film from Brandon Cronenberg, it feels like his vision was put to screen exactly how he intended it and it helped me get invested in the film’s narrative. Andrea Riseborough gets too billing and she’s very good but I think Christopher Abbott was the real scene stealer here, his character is incredibly complex because he has to find the balance of portraying two different characters at once. The best part of this film though is the way it looks, it’s colourfully vibrant in haunting ways and gives the movie its own identity to stand out among other sci-fi/horror films. It lost me a bit once it reached the third act though, I was fully onboard until a certain event happens and that’s why I felt it got a bit convoluted, it didn’t ruin what happened prior but I wasn’t a huge fan of the conclusion. Possessor is a fascinating film that makes good use of its premise, resulting in a pretty solid film that incorporates many different elements of horror and science fiction, I’m glad I didn’t let it pass by because it was worth my time.

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