Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★★★½

Grade: 94%
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Promising Young Woman is a film that I’ve been seriously anticipating for a while now and especially after all the good buzz came out about it, the trailers made it look intriguing and the critical response only had me more excited. I’m happy that this worked for me, almost perfectly for that matter, and it is easily one of my favourite films of 2020. It’s an impressive feature from Emerald Fennell, a fairly unknown director in the scheme of things but this certainly has me looking forward to everything she does in the future. Carey Mulligan turns in a remarkable performance where she tackles the emotional depth of the character while also playing it in an extremely unique way. The array of supporting performances are also top-notch, each actor gives exactly what they need to in order to elevate the film as a whole. The tone of the film worked really well for me, I know it didn’t for everyone and the ending especially has been contentious but while I didn’t completely love the ending, the rest of the movie and the way the story was told was effective in my opinion. I’m glad this has been gaining steam in awards season because I haven’t enjoyed many films as much as I enjoyed Promising Young Woman in the past year, this is a fantastic movie.

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