Rocketman ★★★★½

Grade: 90%
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Rocketman is a film I’ve been anticipating for a very long time now, I used to listen to Elton John all the time growing up and I also love a good biopic. It’s one of the most unique biopics I’ve ever seen because it embraces fantasy elements and I think it works so well because of who Elton John was. It’s also a pure musical, his story is told through his hit songs and I thought that was also a brilliant choice. Taron Egerton is at his best in the lead role, it might be the best performance I’ve seen this year, at least one of the best. He embodies Elton without making it seem like an impression, he plays him in his own way and it pays off in spades. The music is fantastic and is incorporated perfectly throughout the film, the way it’s used as a storytelling device is one of the film’s biggest strengths. I don’t have any major negatives with Rocketman, sometimes I felt as if it was just zooming through every important event but I understand they needed to fit everything into a two hour runtime so it’s just a minor nitpick. Overall, I loved Rocketman and I might even love it more if I watch it again.

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