The Wolverine

The Wolverine ★★★★

Grade: 79%
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Out of all the films in the X-Men series, this is the one I remembered the least about and I’m happy that I actually enjoyed this significantly more than what I originally thought but it’s also not a perfect movie by any stretch. The Wolverine is a precursor to James Mangold’s follow-up Logan and it’s far more noticeable after watching the latter film, and it makes this story all the more effective all these years later. I love a lot about this story, the battle Logan has with himself internally is hard to watch but it’s also understandable, the whole film paints him as a damaged man who’s gone through lifetimes of pain because of his immunity to death, all he wants to do is live a normal life and have a normal death but it’s been impossible all these years he’s been alive. Hugh Jackman once again perfectly plays the character of Logan and unlike the previous standalone movie, this really focuses on the character and his demons, at least for the majority of the movie. Many people dislike the last act because it feels like a deviation from what happened before and while in a way I agree, it was so entertaining to watch just like all the action scenes are that I don’t hold it against this film that much. This just feels different from the other films in the series and I appreciate it so much for that, it has a distinct setting and before Logan came along it was the most serious of the franchise which I also appreciate. The Wolverine can drag in certain places but I never found it to be boring, it was better on this re-watch for me and I think it’s severely underrated as many people dislike this movie more than I realized. It’s a solid movie that I would place right in the middle of my rankings of the X-Men films, it’s not the cream of the crop but also not the bottom of the barrel.

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