Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

Grade: 81%
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Under the Silver Lake is the weirdest, most original film I have seen in quite some time and I still am not really sure what happened in it. There are so many different strands of the plot that I almost can’t remember all of them, the film ends without concrete answers and I actually really enjoyed this movie even though I barely knew what was happening half the time. The movie looks really great, the cinematography is fantastic and the score is also really cool, it’s one of the better scores of the year for sure. Andrew Garfield is so good in the lead role, there is a specific way that he plays the character that fits perfectly into this strange film. There’s so many theories out there about what was truly going on and I still don’t know where I land but I enjoyed the ride the movie took me on. respect David Robert Mitchell for taking a big swing and for the most part, I think he connects.

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