Wrath of Man

Wrath of Man ★★★★

Grade: 81%
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Since theatres have been closed where I’m from, I didn’t get a chance to see Wrath of Man when it came out, which is unfortunate because I was really excited about it and after watching it I think it would’ve been great to see on the big screen. With Guy Ritchie directing and Jason Statham starring in a film that involves a heist element, I was genuinely excited to watch this even if it wasn’t great but I’m glad that it ended up being a really solid film. It was more of a straight-up action revenge movie than I was expecting from Ritchie but obviously Statham is perfect in this kind of role and the storyline is actually well fleshed out and it brought a good amount of entertainment with more emotional elements that I thought it would have. It has several exciting scenes involving the bank trucks, especially the third act of the film which was exhilarating until the end. My flaws have to do a bit with story inconsistencies or aspects of the film that felt kind of cliche or convenient but overall this was fantastic. Wrath of Man is another really solid film from Guy Ritchie and a great action movie with a lot to like, I’m glad I was finally able to see it relatively soon after its theatrical release.

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