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  • In Your Eyes

    In Your Eyes

    I will defend this cute and wholesome movie until the day Jesus comes for all you fucking sinners.

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  • Candyman


    Hooptober 10 - #1

    A scary one! I like the scary ones. The ones that make me not want to go to bed. It's definitely the mirror thing. Can't deal. The Bloody Mary episode of Ghost Whisperer never truly left me.

  • Silent Hill

    Silent Hill

    Coming out of this one I was disappointed that they went for an adaptation of Silent Hill 1 over 2. The presentation here is so good that it deserves a better story; the commitment to recreating the look and feel of the games easily puts the first half well above most other video game adaptations. The town, the nightmare, the creatures, the sound, the music, it's... so cool.

    The problem isn't so much that it's an adaptation of the first…

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