god i hate watching horror movies with other people

i liked it a lot but i'm upset so i'll update this later maybe

I'm back let's go!


Soundtrack was awesome. It's got the iconic theme but also some new stuff that fits extremely well.

Brutal kills. Michael is a machine in this movie.

Loved all the throwbacks to the first one. It's got some references to the other movies as well.

Michael doing stuff in the background!! I love that.

Jamie Lee Curtis was badass.

The mask is beautiful.


First act dragged. My dad lost interest real quick and wouldn't shut up for the rest of the movie.

Not sure if I like what they did with New Loomis™. I liked the idea of him being obsessed with Michael but it was handled sloppily.


Honestly, best movie since the first one. It's H20 but better. H40?