So this wasn't a dumpster fire but it came close. The first 30-40 minutes were really slow but when Brock and Venom finally got it on I was having a good time. Their dynamic carries the shit out of this movie and is really the only thing worth seeing it for. 

I was surprised at how scary Venom actually was at points. There were moments where parts of his face would randomly come out of Brock and that shit was legitimately horrifying. If I saw this as a kid I would've had nightmares. Which brings me to an obvious problem with the film: Not enough gore! If they went all the way like Logan or Deadpool this could've been a great movie. Like, it's already halfway there, just do it! Also the plot made no sense to me and the final showdown was garbage. I couldn't tell the difference between the two black globs fighting against the night sky.

Even though I feel this was a wasted opportunity to create something great, I still found it fun. Really stupid, but fun.


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