Steve Jobs ★★★★★

Far more intense and luring than its predecessor, the Steve Jobs movie with Ashton Kutcher. I don’t want to compare the two movies because truthfully, there is no comparison - so I won’t. The script and filmography envoked in this movie is powerful. The director truly created a work of art, just like the creative inventions of Steve Jobs. This movie follows Steve through three product releases during his lifetime. They stick to launches all before 2000, so this gives the younger audience an awe factor since they’re most likely not even familiar with the devices. For the older audience, it’s perhaps a blast from the past. They don’t hold back in the true stories that Jobs was an ***hole; Its depicted spectacularly in this film. They also touch on another primary focus and that’s Steve’s daughter, Lisa. The director really captures all the emotions of a lifetime into this movie. I highly recommend :) especially if you’re a fan of Steve Jobs.