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  • Eagle Eye

    Eagle Eye


    decent action-thriller that throws setpiece after setpiece at you, without taking a breather! but is still enjoyable none-the-less for what it is. shia labeouf and michelle monaghan played off each other well, and you do become invested in their despair despite the mindless carnage going on around them! would recommend, if you want something fun but senseless to watch!

  • 1917



    what an utterly, brilliant, fantastic film! from the gorgeous camerawork that allows the movie to glide seamlessly on a 'one-take', with beautiful transitions and sweeps around the main heroes; the epic soundtrack that hums through every scene and the outstanding acting, this movie is awesome. harrowing, dripping with realism as to the horrors of war, it makes you feel like you are literally right there with them on their mission, every tense step of the way. you want them to…

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  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    wow. wow, wow, wow. i knew this movie was going to be a tearjerker, but i didn't think it would affect me -this- much. i'm heartbroken, grieving, emotional, happy and overwhelmed all at once. loose ends tied up, content endings for some heroes, loss for others but there is no doubt that endgame is a powerhouse of a movie. not for flashy action sequences and epic CGI ( even if that was insanely wonderful ) but for the character-driven threads.…

  • Drive



    scavenger hunt #49 ; task 28.

    beautiful cinematography & aesthetic: ✔
    awesome synthwave soundtrack: ✔
    lack of dialogue that heightens the mood through body language, tension & incredible atmosphere: ✔
    violence that doesn't hold back. slowburn yet brutal: ✔
    romance that isn't cliche, rather emotional and delicate: ✔
    an anti-hero that you instantly become invested in: ✔
    bryan cranston ( need i say more? ) : ✔
    ending that leaves you with questions ( & maybe tears…