Dunkirk ★★★★★

Everything about this film is cinematic brilliance, painted onto a gorgeous canvas of Nolan's 70mm screen. From the opening screen running scared through the city of Dunkirk, to Hans Zimmer's breathtaking score that incites panic for a pure 90 minutes, to the shots of the deep blue channel and the vast blue sky, to the terror and chaos created as we know so little people and we seldom here talking. To the beautiful story of saving one's brothers destined to die at the hands of the enemy and making your way across a difficultly navigable sea. To the sacrifice made by a man above it all--literally flying over them--and spending his last ounce of fuel and energy protecting and aiding his brothers. The enemy is seen but once, and mentioned once as the "Germans" creating a sense of overpowering inevitable defeat at the hands of someone we do not know, and someone we cannot see. Their hell rains from the depth of the oceans, to the heights of the skies. They are seemingly everywhere, everpresent, ever-powerful, ever-knowing. Not only is this film beautiful to look at, but it is terrifying to hear, and the story it conveys in magnificent. That in the saving of life, in the protection of life there is a deep deep victory. That losing a battle, giving away territory, back peddling in a war while saving lives of men is not only good but righteous. That life has a value that transcends armies, that transcends seas, that transcends skies. Life is precious and is worth fighting for, and even worth losing for. And there is victory in that.

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