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  • Coonskin



    Easily Bakshi's most experimental, most provocative and most unique movie (but not quite his best). I would describe this movie as almost anti-subtle: every character is a blunt stereotype in both design and action, but Bakshi uses this as well as an aggressive visual style to burn the images and ideas of this movie into the viewer's mind. The "story" is in a lot of ways an incredibly simple crime drama, but the constant interruptions with symbolic skits and surrealist…

  • Triangle



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The mediocre version of Timecrimes, but hey at least it looked really good!

    The biggest, most damaging issue with this movie for me was understanding the nature of a cyclical narrative like this. Not only are our character's final motivations eye-rolling to say the least, pretty much all the events that unfold (as far as we the audience know) could have been avoided if she just refused to engage. Since all the problems are caused by her, had she just…

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  • Avatar 5

    Avatar 5


    When the main characters travelled back in time to stop President Lincoln's assassination, that's when I thought "Ah, now this series is finally getting good."

  • Mandy



    Although I immediately preferred the atmosphere of this to Beyond the Black Rainbow, this suffers from a lot of the same issues. The most prominent of these is being able to click with Cosmatos' syrupy, sludgy pacing and film-making style. In this, it gelled a little better due to a naturalistic feeling compared to the sterile nature of Black Rainbow. A lot of this is due to the incredible, one-of-a-kind visuals that will no doubt be copied down the line…