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  • Ninja Gaiden

    Ninja Gaiden


    For a kinda cheap OVA based off an NES game, not too bad.

    Interesting to include in this a really heavy N.Y. aesthetic (Les Miserables?) and Westernize stuff, to see that portrayed okay by the Japanese. The plot is somewhat generic, but has a bit of a twist with the whole "bioengineered monsters" thing instead of a straight fantasy plot. Also interesting (and something I usually prefer with a story this generic or simple) the way that this almost feels…

  • The Hustler

    The Hustler


    Dealing with the issues of identity through pool games.

    While there's some great performances on display here and some great scenes, overall I was left a little dry from the way this movie played out. The strongest point by far is the characters and the performers behind them. The opening scene of Newman's hustle perfectly defines his character, not only learning his skill and what he does but pointing out some of his insecurities that will come into play later.…

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  • Avatar 5

    Avatar 5


    When the main characters travelled back in time to stop President Lincoln's assassination, that's when I thought "Ah, now this series is finally getting good."

  • The Wolf House

    The Wolf House


    When something has this unique of a visual style and nails the atmosphere perfectly it's an almost guaranteed 10 from me, but the added symbolic undertones and multiple ways to read into this story (even without the historical context) elevates it even further. This really is visually a one-of-a-kind movie; I can draw some comparisons to the DIY experimental stop motion style with Jan Svankmajer or the works of Robert Morgan, but the way Cocina & Leon make use of the…