A Quiet Place ★★

A story based around the premise, something that can always be a problem. I'll start off with positives, although in general I don't have a lot to say. I liked some of the small details even if you started to question them logically, like playing Monopoly with felt and so on. The creature design is also pretty decent, with the weird cochlea hole in their heads being a nice touch. I also think the idea of a semi-silent movie is definitely an interesting one, but plenty of artsy movies have done it better without needing to rely on a conceit to keep the audience invested in silence.

To be completely honest, if the horror aspect of this was done in a more subtle way I would have probably liked it a lot more. The family conflict angle is alright but with the family dynamic and the world not really being explored before tragedy at the beginning I never felt fully invested in them. The movie being so high-concept also left me asking a lot of logistical questions, but I don't want to rag on that too much as I think a lot of movies can be faulted for "logic" that ultimately isn't important to the crux of the story. What I will rag on, and what completely ruined the movie for me, was the jumpscares. Just some of the worst, cheap scares I've ever seen in a major release, with the volume raised so obviously by about 2x for every jump it becomes infuriating. You'd think having a movie about silence would mean that a lot of horror movie cliches could be dropped since the audience is forced to listen, but instead we get everything: aggressive music, obvious setups even in the silence, and stupid fakeouts. The great sound editing was ruined by these moments as well; I would love to see a fan edit of this that takes away these stings to see how much it changes the movie. So with a fairly average story packaged into horrible modern horror cliches this was definitely not for me. Probably still better than Birdbox though.