Aliens ★★★★

Cameron took the core structure of Alien, turned it into a crowd-pleasing action movie and somehow it still worked. As one of the few effective examples of an action/horror hybrid, Cameron was able to re-invent the Alien concept into something larger (not necessarily for the better looking at the later movies). Watched the director's cut this time, which I think is essentially just fine as it doesn't bother me with the extended length but nothing in it felt more necessary or important than what was left in the theatrical cut. I do still feel that the danger of the Xenomorphs is too greatly lessened in this (the Facehuggers are much more dangerous and could have been the central threat) as they're mowed down in droves but that's compensated well with the huge swarms. The final Queen battle is still amazing to watch despite looking a little clunky in the modern age, just for the knowledge that these huge effects were all done practically. A solid and well-crafted movie.