Avengers: Endgame ★★★½

Even though you'll see this anyway if you've seen all the others, it's not quite as good as Infinity War. Honestly, it's still a massive achievement they were able to end such a huge endeavor even marginally well, and it came out slightly better than that. I think the reason this doesn't work as well as IW is mainly due to it's tonal inconsistencies. We go from the abject misery and depression of a post-Thanos universe (something I thought was handled fairly well and maturely) to Ruffalo-Hulk dabbing and Fat Thor yelling at a kid on Fortnite. Now, personally I loved that we finally got some real schlock in one of the biggest Marvel movies ever, but it will horribly date this movie and was something that was avoided in the relatively more serious IW. I think that since the audience all knew everything would be resolved, the emotional punch was lost from the last movie.

I do think this movie uses nostalgia-bait in an ingenious way to demonstrate character growth over the whole Marvel universe. Getting to see versions of characters recreated from over a decade ago really shows how much these movies have changed and how their hasn't been anything truly like them in movie history. This time shift makes the inclusion Captain Marvel all the more annoying; the Russo brothers realized Marvel would force her into the story so she is used as a literal plot device with the minimum amount of time onscreen. The difference between how insufferably snotty she is compared to the adorable presence of Tom Holland's Spider-Man shows where I'd hope the new Marvel phase to shift towards. I also have to mention the frankly embarrassing "girl power" moment near the end, something I thought Marvel had been smart enough to stay away from until now but they seem to have succumbed to.

There's quite a lot I can say about this movie; not only about the movie itself but it's significance culturally. Suffice it to say I overall enjoyed it despite it being more messy and flawed, and at least right now I'm interested to see where Marvel goes next.

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