Barton Fink ★★★★½

An important part of being an artist is being self-aware, self-critical, open to criticism and learning to compromise. Barton Fink does is and does none of these things, and therefore it should be no surprise to anyone that he can't get past a single paragraph. The Coens do such a masterful job not only showing openly what a hack Barton is, but showing how even in subtle moments of his daily life he is a collection of contradiction. He abhors drinking, yet partakes with Charlie constantly. He talks about writing something real and original, but ends his movie the exact way he did his play. All this and more show the top-notch characters in Barton Fink, but so much else makes this movie work. The always beautiful work from Roger Deakins, John Goodman's stellar performance, and my favorite aspect, the ramping of absurdity. For most people I've shown this movie to, the final hotel scene makes or breaks the movie for them, but I still find it one of the most haunting, intense moments I've seen in a movie. A severely misunderstood film; no doubt.