Black Sabbath ★½

A cheesy old-school horror film with decent stories but an altogether aesthetic that bored me to death. To make myself more clear, I think the basic skeleton of all the stories could be remade into something more moody, atmospheric and tense; aspects that aren't present at all in this. Sure, I recognize budget constraints and tropes of the times, but then at least the cheesy schlock factor could have been raised a few notches. There's hardly any real blood or "horror", each segment feels stretched out despite a short running time, and the strange 60's detective show soundtrack and glammed up actors take away from any stakes I could possibly have in this. For Bava especially, who can usually add at least a little more of the cheese or swanky factor to his movies, this one feels painfully bland and low-key. Maybe I was just in the wrong mood, but I've seen plenty around the same time period (see almost any Hammer movie) that have done this better. Booo-oooring.

Soundtrack sounds like Danger Man or another 60's detective show