Deep Dark ★★★★

Basically the movie Her, but if a robot phone is replaced by a talking bloody hole in the wall.

Honestly, this movie threw me for a loop. It starts out hitting a lot of beats you'd expect from movies like Little Shop of Horrors or A Bucket Of Blood: A loser stuck at a dead end finds a miraculous solution to his problems that has a bad catch. Of course, what sets this movie apart from other movies of the type is that it's much more of a character drama than a horror movie. Sure, The Hole itself is wonderfully gross with the strange magic globs that come out of it and it's gory interior, but it becomes a much more sympathetic character than I ever expected, even so far has having a kind of sweet ending at the end.

The other surprising aspect of this was how well the budget was used. A special award should go to the lighting coordinator, since there were some really beautiful uses of it; like the shadows cast in the dingy main room or the dark blue of the nighttime scenes. The Hole effects were also minimal, but mixed with the sexual tones of the movie and some subtle sound effects it was effectively gross. The movie suffers a little from being too by-the-numbers at the beginning, as well as for me personally being a little too short. Still, this is honestly an excellent gem of a movie and it's always nice to be pleasantly surprised.