John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum ★★★★

I'm so glad with how much action movies have stepped up their quality in the last few years (Fury Road, The Raid movies, etc.) and the John Wick series is the pinnacle of this. This may be one of the most consistently enjoyable and consistent in quality trilogies I've ever seen, with Parabellum being an excellent addition to the series. As ever, the action in JW3 is perfect: steady and clear shots of the action, inventive scenarios for it (with unfortunately the best one being the very first) and some beautiful cinematography to go with it. The last point especially is something I think people overlook a lot when talking about John Wick: the gorgeous use of color and framing that helps these movies stand out in people's memory over being just solid action movies. While I think nothing can top the visuals of the Hall of Mirrors in 2, the glass room in 3 has some equally impressive views (my favorite of which being John entering the room framed by the glass skulls).

Now, to be fair, I think the excess in scope does take away a little bit from the brutal simplicity of the original. Even though John isn't developed that much in this, he always works better as a kind of cipher who's just an unstoppable killer. Sure, his lack of witty dialogue and generally just saying "Yeah." or "Sure." is one of the reasons he's so endearing, but giving him any kind of backstory I think takes away from his mystique. This isn't a huge complaint though, as no one is seeing John Wick for the story. (I even took my significant other to see this, and he picked up on it almost immediately without having seen any of the others.) I was so happy when watching this, I'm excited to see 4, and I hope they can keep up this winning streak as long as possible.

The simplicity of 1 is still the best but the idea of the whole world trying to kill John is as close to realized without being a full farce

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