Kaleidoscope ★★

The good elements are Toby and his mother's performances and an excellent score. The bad elements are the story, and since there's not much else too this that's a huge problem. The biggest problem overall is that nothing really happens. For a relatively short movie it felt twice as long, and being somewhat trapped in Toby's flat for most of it felt more mind-numbing than claustrophobic. The ending also feels like something of a copout, something that makes the entire preceding affair totally worthless. The writing tries to essentially pull off a non-scifi 12 Monkeys-type plot with no explanation or throughline, leading to an essentially pointless story with no hard narrative resolution or even overly artsy but vague implications. That's an issue that without the great performances would have sunk this movie quite low in my opinion. If you're going to do arty and narrative experiments, at least make something interesting.