Ninja Scroll ★★★★

Anime schlock baybee, I'm talkin' about that old school kind with lots of boobs, cutting someone then waiting a few seconds for a blood fountain and that unique faded but vibrant color scheme you only get from 80's/90's anime. Everyone has superpowers and there's no explained reason for them; suddenly a character has rubber arms or someone has magic flower petals. There isn't even an attempt to explain it and I loved it; the kinetic energy and wonderful nonsense battles really sold the movie for me. A whole anime season's worth of villains and special moves are introduced throughout the runtime, distilling the thrills of that season down into a tidy package. Every ability is interesting, though I think special mention has to go to the bee hunchback, a character so weird and gross I was disappointed he was dispatched so quickly. Of course, when talking about the frenetic energy of this movie, that's when the major issue with the movie comes up: depth. This is an incredibly surface level movie, for bad and good. The entire thrust of the movie is to kill all the bad dudes, and while I appreciated the conciseness of it without the wacky elements this movie struggles to stick in the mind. The animation is decent but nothing spectacular, and the writing is about on par with a more edgy 90's anime of the time. So depsite enjoying this quite a lot, I wonder how much of it will stay with me in a few months. Anyone who loves the dusty charm of old anime should check this out; really fans of schlock in general.

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