Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure ★★★½

If this wasn't a musical it might be one of my favorite animated movies.

This is a rare case where the movie is slow in the beginning & end but really strong in the middle. The opening sections of the movie only have occasional interesting moments outside of the general animation quality (the nasty twin dolls, "Blue" being the only song I enjoyed) but when we get to the Greedy segment, then holy shit buckle up buckaroos. Not only is it easily the best part of the movie, a non-stop assault of melting, brain-frying candy visuals, but we start getting more crazy visual assaults after this. The drop through Looney Land gives me strong "the Beatle's house in Yellow Submarine" vibes, and moves the story more into the surreal realm away from the pseudo-Toy Story plot that the story starts out with. The ending feels a little standard (though the King's Tetsuo-like transformation is pretty impressive) and ends on a bit of a weak note, but it's a wild ride nonetheless. I pray for a good HD restoration of this, it couldn't come fast enough.

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