Relaxer ★★★★½

A 90's nostalgia-trip version of No Exit; a torment in Hell based around retro culture. In many ways, this is one of the most disgusting movies I've ever seen. Unlike any horror movie or grossout movie, for a lot of the runtime the disgusting aspects of this movie are grounded in reality. The slow degradation of Abbey's space is hideous while at the same time undercut by his impossible survival. I definitely understand people's comparisons to surrealist movies like Bunel's; as time in this movie doesn't seem to make any sense and things can escalate very rapidly in the span of just one scene.

The main character and brother's relationship is a fascinating hellish constant testing; where I questioned if the brother was even a real person or just a manifestation of the main character's insecurities (especially the unsubtle note of him wearing a "FEAR" shirt) The brother also provides the Jose Domingo story, which is excellent and it comes out of nowhere. The character of Dallas is absolutely perfect, never before have I seen such a specific type of person portrayed so accurately before. His ADD, constant swearing and lack of articulation, as well as pop culture regurgitation remind so vividly of people I used to know it's scary.

Of course, we can't forget the last 40 minutes, which is frankly one of the most amazing finales I've ever seen to a movie. An apocalypic, expressionist and powerful finale really floored me. I rarely ever say this, but I feel people need to see this at least for those final moments; that are so good they bumped the score up for me. I won't say much, just that I got chills. Overall, a really impressive and sure to be cult classic movie that uses a budget well.

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