Tales from the Hood ★★★★

I was really pleasantly surprised that not only was this a good horror anthology, but actually had a lot more depth than I had expected and most shockingly is one of the few examples I've seen of capturing that EC Comics feel in a movie other than Creepshow. It also earns a distinction for being probably the most consistent anthology film I've ever seen; every segment is watchable and interesting, the tone is kept really well throughout the whole movie, and the flow between segments feels effortless. This is of course due to Clarence William the Third's scene-devouring performance; a Crypt-Keeper I honestly enjoyed more than the real one. I would usually talk about each segment individually, but since they all have elements I really liked (especially the effects work and the use of lots of stop motion) I think they unify the movie pretty well. I would give special mention to the final segment, where Rusty really pushes his directing and design work to create something almost like Terry Gilliam. My only complaint would be the somewhat preachy nature of the movie, but in keeping with the EC tradition of over-dramaticizing things I actually didn't mind it as much the more I considered it. Really an excellent movie, a must for horror anthology fans.