The Ambulance ★★

An oddball thriller that is more odd in it's delivery than anything else. The pace is blistering; no one ever stops talking and every character is a walking snark factory. When the chases and action happens, it does have a great feeling of realness to it: people fall down, curse when they bump into something and swing wildly. For all the failings in the script and acting, I will at least say the action scenes are genuinely engaging and creative. Unfortunately, this is in service of a plot that seems like it should be simple but is incredibly hard to follow. The motivation and abilities of the villain are never super clear; he seems to be able to do anything with that ambulance for reasons that have something to do with diabetes? Couple this with that fact that the delivery of every character seems sarcastic and not genuine and it gets really hard to stick with the story. Still, this is a pretty engaging mess, so even though I wouldn't really recommend it I was never bored.