The Brain

Uh..... it's not good? Don't bother seeing it?
I guess more detail would be needed, but I can sum it up pretty well, as it's just a dumb and fairly cheap mind-control horror thriller. It is a tad more interesting due to it's cheapness, as almost every single line of dialogue in the movie seems to be ad-libbed. Sure, the acting is bad on every level, but so many lines are repeated and delivered with such an odd cadence it feels like the director just had outlines everyone had to follow. Plot elements feel almost thrown at the viewer; the monster is in the literal first shot of the movie and the few story developments there are will be shoved awkwardly into a scene. There are highlights, like the Brain itself (which is so massive, and boy do they use that puppet as much as is legally allowable), as well as the kills, which come out of nowhere and are hilariously poorly done. So yeah, just skip this and watch Terrorvision instead to get a better idea of this kind of story.