The Car ★★½

It's a big evil car, it kills some people and then gets kilt. MOVIE OVER.

Sure, there's a little bit more to this, but not much. There are some wonderful vista shots of Utah and it's fun to see how the filmmakers put some personality into the car (in both it's unique design and ways it moves), but there's not a lot in this to distinguish it from other "haunted car" movies to come after it. It's sort of interesting to see the element of how the townspeople emotionally react to having friends & family mauled by a haunted car (some decently done crying scenes), but not well done enough to make a big impact. The only big point for me in this movie's favor is how there's no attempt whatsoever to explain The Car: it's an evil car full of something (??) and it needs to get blown up. That lack of exposition and clarification did make this a little more interesting, but if you're watching this just for a killer car you definitely get it.

Plus, the opening text & music sounds/looks EXACTLY like The Shining, so did The Shining steal from this???? Answers please...

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