The Science of Sleep ★★

As much as I love Gondry's artistic style, his energy and humor, all the great things present in his other movies, this time all that inventiveness wasn't able to overcome a horribly boring story with a majority of characters I cared little about. It doesn't help that Gondry essentially remade this movie with Eternal Sunshine and improved on every aspect of it. For positives, any time we venture into the dreamworld was a wonderful diversion. The heaving paper city, the giant hands, the weirdly synched dialogue, everything about it was filled with DIY artist flair and Gondry's signature style. Then, however, we crash back into boring indie-drama real life, filled with pretentious vapid urbanites moaning about meaningless problems. The only character I really enjoyed was Guy, and I think the movie wanted me to see him as an awful scumbag. I couldn't see him that way, as he was the only character acting contrary to the artistic faffing around and it made seem just a little more realistic. Generally speaking, indie dramadies are some of my most hated movies and I thought this one would slip by due to Gondry's creativity. It didn't, and I urge anyone who wants to see Gondry's visual creativity should just watch his music videos.

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