Three… Extremes ★★

#1: Dumplings
Skipped over this as I'd rather watch the full version of Dumplings, so no commentary either way on the shorter version presented here.

#2: Cut
Honestly, just a mess. There are some good elements, like the pointed sound design and some nice little weird moments like the cardboard family and the "set warping" near the end. Overall though, I have no idea what tone, message, or even plot Park had in mind when making this. There's no real twist on the idea presented, other than the pretty funny abrupt end to the extra. The only real theme I saw was the "mirroring" idea, where the events of the director's film somewhat play out in real life. However, this serves no story point; it's just a little diversion that serves no real purpose. Despite the weird visual aspects this was a letdown.

#3: Box
Miike's definitely stands out, even compared to his own work. I really liked how the entire thing is almost silent; the mood created in this feels heavier than anything I've seen in a while. Surprisingly, a Miike short on a film with "extreme" in the title is actually very tame, relying a lot more on a sense of dread and moodiness than his usual shock gore. Despite the great atmosphere, sometimes this idea was laid on a little too thick. Every shot feels held on for longer than it needs to, especially the making out scene near the end that drags on forever. However, the "reveal" at the end almost made me spit-take for it's absurdity, with the weirdness of it almost redeeming this one. Unfortunately, too much of it is long and drawn out with not enough happening to really grip me in any way.