The Karate Kid ★★★½

I really did not know what rating I should give to this movie. The second half of this movie is really good, but the first half is really a slog.

The movie's main strength is obviously the relationship between Daniel and Mr Miyagi, which is luckily the main focus of the movie (especially in the second half). I've always liked the unlikely relationship story and this one is near-flawlessly executed. The villian, Johnny (as a side-note, who names their villain Johnny?) is an ok inciting incident.

My main gripe with the film is Ali, the blonde love interest with a face you only see in decades of social conservatism. Ali is not an inherently bad character, she's a perfectly adequate love interest. However, she deprives oxygen from more interesting people like Miyagi, particularly in the first half. The real inciting incident doesn't really occur until 53 minutes into the movie, and that's where Miyagi appears more and the relationship starts to develop better.

All in all, I'm not sorry I saw it but god that first half was boring