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  • The Anderson Tapes

    The Anderson Tapes


    The Anderson Tapes basically gave me what I wanted: a Seventies crime caper set in NYC featuring Connery, young Walken, young Dyan Cannon, a very gay Martin Balsam, and a pre-SNL Garret Morris. But nothing in the film adds up to anything sensible. Why the annoying running motif of constant bugging and surveillance when ultimately has no affect on the heist or the characters. Why is Connery this vaunted safe-cracker when he simple has people open their safes at gunpoint?…

  • The Abyss

    The Abyss


    The Abyss, the story of radar operator Bendix (Chris Elliott) and his efforts to assist the crew of undersea reasearch lab Deep Core in their rescue during a hurricane disaster, while keeping up morale to his mates on the surface.

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