Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood ★★★★

Minus a full star for Tarantino's silly foot fetish, the creep. I've seen every one of QT's films on the big screen within days of release and ever since KB V.2 my reaction ranges from underwhelmed to 'fuuuck you and the Weinstein Bros you rode in on!' This was different. I felt for the first time in years he pulled his own head out of his butt and revealed something personal about himself.

I need to see this again. I felt exhilarated after Inglorious Basterds but that didn't last even a second viewing. The Manson Family did horrific things and they were true murderous shit-heels, but they are perfect for ridicule. The Nazis' state-sponsored crimes against humanity affected tens of millions and their malevolence still lingers today, not a subject you wanna tread lightly upon let alone have fucking Eli Roth give his 2 dumb cents on. Anyway...I enjoyed this first viewing, it's thick with detail, and so many character actors...reading the end credits I couldn't believe how many names I recognized w/o realizing they were in the picture. And this was a 'picture': on 35mm baby!


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