Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II ★★★★

I sure love me some good ole' cheesy horror.

Sam Raimi is probably the best at making horror movies with elements you can't take seriously, and that makes his movies more fun. The first Evil Dead was just a straight up horror classic. Evil Dead II had some horror elements but a little bit of humor, too. Army of Darkness is just fucking awesome.

But i'll be focusing on Evil Dead II, a sequel that's scary and terrifically badass.

Evil Dead II stars BRUCE FUCKING CAMPBELL as Ash. This movie begins with Ash and his girlfriend arriving at the infamous cabin. They soon find some recordings and play them...it was not a wise move. Soon evil demons start possessing Ash and his girlfriend, he turns back after doing some badass things, some I won't mention...because they're really badass. By the way, get ready to hear the word "badass" a lot. It's perfectly describing of this movie.

Meanwhile, some history people and shit are heading to the cabin to see what this one woman's father found from the Necronomicon and such and such. But you will not give the slightest shit, because this movie is all BRUCE FUCKING CAMPBELL. Because you see, BRUCE FUCKING CAMPBELL is the man who is the man. That guy has so much testosterone running through his body, most of MLB was struck with jealousy. BRUCE FUCKING CAMPBELL is a fucking behemoth compared to actors like Jason Statham, Vin Diesel, and many others. He is the lord of awesome and the god of manliness.


The movie is silly enough and scary enough to really enjoy it. When the others arrive at the cabin, that's when things get fun and badass...keep count of how many times I've used this one word if you want. "badass"es are infinite in the world of Ash Williams. Then, after the others arrive, the evil spirits and demons return along with one old she-bitch in the basement. But BRUCE FUCKING CAMPBELL doesn't care. He is untouchable. Try and possess him and you will not get as far as the stage of "BRUCE FUCKING CAMPBELL'S foot is up your evil spirit ass".

Overall, Evil Dead II is a fun, silly, sometimes scary horror movie. It's probably one of the best horror movies made.

And it's spectacularly and undeniably.......

wait for it........

.......just a little more......

.....almost there......


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