• Slaxx



    Extremely amusing story of possessed pants that would have been a lot better with a cast I could like.
    It's the same problem I always have when I don't care about the cast, I don't care if they die.

  • Meatballs



    Nostalgia was the only reason to watch this.

  • Pig




  • Malignant



    Couldn't make it ten minutes past the opening credits.
    Cheese ridden bad attempt at a crazy horror film that just reaks of every bad choice in every bad horror film released in the last 25 years.
    And I only watched 20 minutes.

  • Dune



    Beautiful but only makes me wonder what Lynch's Dune would have looked like if he had final cut.

  • Come True

    Come True


    Almost great. Beautiful visuals. Interesting story. Awesome score. Could have done without the 'watching a dude have dirty dreams leads to girl wanting dude sequence'.
    What the fuck was that ending?

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    As much as I love Joel, this may be a bit over-stylized for me.

  • Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky

    Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky


    Oh the carnage! Riki-Oh (The Story of Ricky) is the tale of one of the most bad-ass martial artists ever committed to film. Set in the near future Riki-Oh tells the story of Ricky, a master of Qigong, who is imprisoned unjustly for killing a Yakuza crime lord. Here, the corrupt warden, his assistant, and the thugs who rule the cell blocks do whatever they can to break Ricky with no success. Riki is a walking tornado of destruction tearing…

  • Censor



    Anything with Michael Smiley is worth a watch and this mind-bender about a traumatized censor trying to piece together the disappearance of her sister years ago is near great in execution.

  • Antlers



    I wanted to like this more. It should be better. Not sure how it went wrong but instead of being great, its just okay.

  • Forbidden Zone

    Forbidden Zone


    Going down, down, down
    How far can you go?
    You might fall into
    The Forbidden Zone
    Going down, down, down
    'Cross the border line
    The guards look scary
    But the girls look pretty fine

  • The Brain

    The Brain


    Good old-fashioned, shot in Canada cheese.