Ready Player One ★★★★

No one knows visual storytelling quite like Steven Spielberg. The way he brings the audience into the enthralling and exciting world of The Oasis just goes to show why the guy is a movie-making legend. As for the film, what a blast. Ready Player One rolls along like a freight train, solidly and briskly taking you from one unique world to another, all while never feeling inorgainc. The characters are well written and relatable, and the performances compliment them wonderfully (Ben Mendelssohn and Mark Rylance give scene stealing performances). Where this movie excels though, is the action set-pieces. The explosive action is only elevated by the inventive ways Spielberg explores these unique environments, and the cornucopia of pop-culture references this movie throws at you are never daunting, but always fun to spot out and make your inner geek squeal with delight. My only flaws with the film would be a slow, if entertaining, second act (which is immediately rectified by a phenomenal finale) and its a bit front-heavy on exposition. Those gripes aside, Ready Player One is everything I hoped it’d be and more. It’s thrilling. It’s fun. It’s Spielberg.

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