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(okay, I knew I said I was going to write a legit review on Monday, but between the wooziness I had from watching this + watching "Barry", I completely forgot and I am SO sorry.)


All I have to say is what a fucking ride. I went in completely blind not knowing anything about it besides the premise and even though I kind of had an idea of what the twist would be in the first 5-10 mins, it still didn't dampen my overall enjoyment of the film. Everyone in the cast (ESPECIALLY Lupita, who I am congratulating for winning her 2nd Oscar in advance!) gives fantastic performances, the balance between horror/comedy is stellar, and the choices in regards to both music/cinematography are worth writing many sentences about. I think everyone else has phrased their feelings about this movie better than I ever will, but I promise you this is one of the most innovative and chilling horror films I've ever watched. Jordan Peele may have made only two movies, but he is definitely on his way to being one of the most iconic names in horror. The 13-year-old me who spent most of her time watching MadTV sketches on YouTube is extremely proud. :')

P.S: during the scene where the tethered family first shows up, i freaked out SO badly, i started singing LOONA songs to myself in order to calm down. THAT'S how much it creeped me out.

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