28 Days Later

28 Days Later ★★★

Corna SZN #46

My relationship with Alex Garland is not complicated. He has written some of my favorite science fiction works of this century. Dredd fucking rules. Annihilation is terrifying and interesting, one of my favorite movies from 2018. I love the last third of Sunshine. I admire Ex Machina, although I do want to revisit it.

My relationship with Danny Boyle I suppose is slightly more complicated, but I also haven't seen a ton of his stuff. I like his work, but I've never truly loved the stuff he makes. Maybe Slumdog Millionaire or Steve Jobs come close, but they aren't on the level of Dredd or Annihilation in my opinion.

I kinda just stumbled across this on Hulu. I rewatched Batman Begins a couple nights ago, and Cillian stood out. I've been meaning to watch Devs because I think Alex Garland is brilliant. I think I was also listening to the So I Married a Movie Geek podcast, and they were doing a 2002 draft, and this was brought up. Seemed like a perfect collision course.

This was pretty entertaining, but that's pretty much where it starts and ends for me. I liked how digital Boyle made the zombie scenes look. I like how unexpected some of the zombie appearances were. It kept me on my toes. I liked the main human characters and their dynamics. It was all kinda formulaic (in a good way?) (except for the score, which was interesting but felt out of place at times).

In terms of zombie movies, I still prefer I Am Legend, but I would come back to this. I have yet to watch Train To Busan.

This is a shit review. I'm just rambling about literally nothing except my one sentence opinion on a bunch of stuff.

There are some pandemic lines in this that hit.


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