Tenet ★★★★

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Unfortunately, this won't make my favorite Nolan films. While the premise is wild, and left me in awe at times, along with its technical brilliance from him and his team, I was left wanting more than just avatars. While the actors do their best to elevate what is on the page, they can't control that the characters are simple people with simple tastes or little to no motivation that drive their decisions. That bored me a bit.

Besides that, the action was great, the editing was thoughtful, the score was awesome, and John David Washington and Robert Pattinson were charming. This was fun, and hopefully this movie will reward additional viewings.

I saw this in a drive-in theater. While I enjoyed my time, unfortunately this is not the future of cinema. It just wasn't as engulfing with its pitch blackness or its sound, and my chairs aren't as nice as movie chairs.

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