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This review may contain spoilers.

The Last Goodbye, David Chimusoro's third short film, is a look into a woman starting and ending her relationship on her own terms. Created in 2 days with no budget, 5 people, and a song, this short excels in its visual captivity as well as in its lead performance, even when falling short from a narrative perspective.

Chimusoro's filmography (or short-ography?) consistently explores romantic relationships. He excels in capturing chemistry between two characters, and that continues in this 5 minute exploration. Small wordless actions are his specialty, and he never needs to spell it out for us in dialogue that these two characters definitely have something between them.

Noah Vaniglia, the DP for this short, knows exactly what he is doing with the camera. The opening shot is a beautiful slow pan-out that slowly unfolds the interesting setting. And the editing certainly helps add to the visual feast (the post-head-knock haze).

Briana Davis, who plays the woman, gives a really good performance for such a short window of time. She certainly conveys charm with ease, and that's what carries the chemistry and grabs the attention of the audience.

Unfortunately, with this short being made in such a small amount of time with no budget, the plot and character decisions are confusing and borderline nonsensical. With the twist of the woman killing the man, there is no rhyme or reason to why she did this. The last shot, where she sees her next "victim", could be conveying that she loves the thrill or something of that nature, but there isn't enough here to support these decisions, making for a jarring turn that I wish had more screen time to flesh out.

Overall, the director shows technical improvements from his previous shorts from a visual and sound perspective. While the plot falls flat, this is not a wasted 5 minutes, as there are characters and shots that anyone can grab on to and enjoy. And once again, the music choice is on point (Last Goodbye by Eric Kinny and Danica Dora). I encourage you seek this out.

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