Contagion ★★★½

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This review may contain spoilers.

A film that's as big in scale as the virus at the centre of it's story. The only problem with films this big is that they have a tendency to be spread fairly thin. Contagion has a fantastic cast but for some there's very little screen time.
It's somewhat ironic that Kate Winslet features on the promo poster yet her character is killed off halfway through, while Gwyneth Paltrow is pretty much just in the opening sequence, with brief flashbacks of her scattered about. It's ballsy in some ways by Soderberg but I also feel like maybe they should have scaled back and had less characters, in order to develop them more. While Paltrow's death is the catalyst for the film, I can't help but ask myself whether there was really any point to Winslet's.
While this film does contain many big names, I found Jennifer Ehle as Dr Hextall, the doctor who puts herself at risk to find the vaccine, to be the star performance, though Fishburne and Law are also great in their respective roles.
I can see that Soderberg is trying to show every conceivable reaction to a crisis in this film, but as i mentioned, it is spread thinly and feels unnecessarily so in some parts. Overall though, it is a good film