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  • Call Me Lucky

    Call Me Lucky

    Phenomenal. An inspiring and beautiful film. Funny, shocking and heartbreaking. Had me in pieces multiple times.

  • Miami Vice

    Miami Vice

    [Theatrical Cut]

    Such a fascinating film. And a real oddity. Miami Vice is already an important part of film history and academically interesting - due to Mann and Beebe's use of digital technology - but I also find it an incredibly engaging and entertaining experience.

    What really struck me upon rewatching it this time was the way in which Mann approaches the narrative, setting up an urgent story about an internal leak and a 'big bad' that needs taking down,…

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  • Bitter Lake

    Bitter Lake

    Think I'm going to go long on this soon, but for now here is a list of the songs on the soundtrack that I caught:

    Burial - Come Down To Us
    Nine Inch Nails - A Warm Place
    David Bowie - The Bewlay Brothers
    KanYe West - Runaway ft. Push T
    Clint Mansell - Welcome to Lunar Industries
    Cliff Martinez - Kick Your Teeth
    Pye Corner Audio - Electronic Rhythm Number Three
    Burial - Dog Shelter
    Burial - In Mcdonalds
    This Mortal Coil - The Lacemaker
    Burial - Dog Shelter
    The House in the Woods - Sunlight On Rusting Hulk

  • Prometheus


    Well shot, beautiful production design, mostly excellent performances but an atrocious script.