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  • Les Nouveaux croisés d’Orient

    Les Nouveaux croisés d’Orient

    + Palestinian Women (Saab, 1974, 35mm)
    + South Lebanon, the Story of a Village Under Siege (Saab, 1976, 35mm)
    + Children of War (Saab, 1976, 35mm)
    + Beirut, Never Again (Saab, 1976, DCP)
    + Beirut, My City (Saab, 1982, DCP)

  • Fi Dem II

    Fi Dem II

    + FI DEM (2018)

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  • La flor

    La flor


    Today I saw five hours and forty two minutes of LA FLOR.

  • Skyscraper



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Awesome! Another film by Dwayne Johnson that explodes the idea -- familiar from countless shitty disaster movies -- that geographic catastrophes are elaborate stand-ins for the trauma undergone by the family unit. These end-of-the world scenarios engineer chaos in the name of at first separating then reuniting the members of the central family. Collateral damage -- whether human or geographic -- is only half of the equation. Here, the escalating spectacle of the disaster movie is intimately tied to Dwayne…