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  • Les Nouveaux croisés d’Orient

    Les Nouveaux croisés d’Orient

    + Palestinian Women (Saab, 1974, 35mm)
    + South Lebanon, the Story of a Village Under Siege (Saab, 1976, 35mm)
    + Children of War (Saab, 1976, 35mm)
    + Beirut, Never Again (Saab, 1976, DCP)
    + Beirut, My City (Saab, 1982, DCP)

  • Fi Dem II

    Fi Dem II

    + FI DEM (2018)

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  • Seed



    I get the sense that Stahl partisans (Stahlinists? Anybody?) want to get past comparisons to Douglas Sirk. Here in Bologna, there have been a conspicuous lack of references to the latter in conversations and official introductions. But Stahl will always be compared to Sirk -- the wild convergence of their careers at crucial moments across decades ensures that. And they make for a good study in contrasts: a lot of the lazy characterisations of Sirk’s style that still run rampant…

  • La Flor

    La Flor


    Today I saw five hours and forty two minutes of LA FLOR.